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Mumbai broker already placing Ads for "Bullet Train view" apartments

21, Sep 2017 By Santosh Pradhan

The launch of the Mumbai-Ahmedabad high-speed rail (MAHSR) project by the prime ministers of India and Japan has been met by the usual carping criticism. But at the same time there are people who think that Bullet Train will help usher in a new era of using best technology for public transportation. It is an engineering behemoth that could catalyse the Indian engineering skills. In a recent study done by Faking News it was found thet the Realty sector will also get a boom due to the Bullet Train. In fact we found a Mumbai Broker placing ads for “Bullet Train view” apartments.

Bullet Train

Shwetank Srivastava has been the most popular broker in the Nallasopara region of Mumbai and his methods are often copied by rivals and it becomes a trend. Till date he was able to sell or rent out all property under him with innovative taglines like ‘5 minutes walking distance from station’, ‘ Just next to a leading multiplex chain’, ‘ Girls hostel view apartment’ and many more. He always finds new adjectives and qualities to sell a flat and he has been successful in doing so. Recently he was awarded the ‘ABON (amazing broker of Nallasopara)’  trophy.

Habituated of using latest development in and around the suburbs to sell flats, Shwetank used the ‘Bullet Train’ project to get in more customers. All his latest apartments are labelled as “Bullet Train View”apartments. According to him, the bullet train track will pass at a very close distance from Nallasopara and people residing here will get a terrific view of the latest big ticket innovation of the Indian Railways. In fact he has been laying down posters of apartments with bullet train running at a close distance from the property. Many brokers in Mumbai have started copying this trend. Faking News team found that some brokers in Navi Mumbai are also doing it despite the fact that the Bullet Train will not pass through Navi Mumbai.