Mumbai builder sells 1BHK calling it as 2BHK as its window touches a room of the opposite flat

13, Feb 2019 By Guest Patrakar

Mumbai. Finding an apartment in Mumbai, whether to rent or to buy, can be a morale-crushing exercise. Boxed In- Mumbai has always been known for small apartments in its chawls and redeveloped buildings. Builders are always on the lookout to extract the maximum amount from a constructed apartment. The 1.5 or 2.5 BHK system was also first introduced in Mumbai itself.


Recently a Mumbai builder by the name Sanil Jadhav sold a 1BHK flat calling it as 2BHK as the window was touching the room of the opposite flat, such was the space constraint. He realized it after the construction was over and no way was he to let go of this big opportunity.

Surprising was the fact that the demand for his flats has increased as getting a 2BHK in the area where his flats are located is a tedious task. People are not worried about getting only the space of 1BHK inside their flat at a price of 2BHK. They are in fact happy that they are buying a 2 BHK in Mumbai which in itself is a mark of great achievement.

Many other builders are also following this lead and trying to woo the middle class by selling a new type of asset.