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Mumbai Govindas set to hide eyesores of Delhi during CWG

02, Sep 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. After having failed to procure or produce the proposed aesthetic curtains to hide unfinished construction works behind them, Delhi government has decided to hire Govinda mandals of Mumbai to conceal such spots from the views of visitors during the Commonwealth Games next month. Such mandals would be required to create multi-storied human towers around potholes, muddy areas, unfinished construction sites, and other similar eyesores.

“The process of issuing tender for procuring curtains was taking a lot of time and it was not yet clear if the curtains would be bought by MCD, NDMC, DDA, PWD or any other department.” informed a government official explaining the delay in the original plan. “Last minute confusion occurred over the material of the curtains as many officials favored plastic curtains in the rainy season. Further rounds of meetings were scheduled to discuss the material.”

After realizing that there was just a month left for the games to begin and they were still in planning stage, the government officials panicked and dumped all the plans in favor of a new plan.

“Furthermore there was always a risk of curtain clothes or plastics being bought at a price much higher than the market price, and then the press could have claimed another scam.” the government official justified the decision of aborting the curtain-buying plan.

Govindas breaking a dahi-handi
Government hopes to recreate such sights to cover the unpleasant sites

After an emergency meeting today, the government decided that they would instead employ the Govinda groups, which take part in the multi-crore prize competition of breaking dahi-handis on Janmashtmi in Mumbai, to cover the unfinished sites. The decision was taken after the officials saw television visuals showing Govindas forming human pyramids that completely covered the area between them.

“That area could well have been a pothole, an unfinished pillar, a muddy sidewalk, or a dump of garbage.” suggested the official.

“The Govindas also seem to be waterproof as we saw them forming the pyramid under rains today. In fact when rains are not there, people throw water at them and it doesn’t affect them at all.” said the official, hoping that Delhi rains would not spoil their latest plan for successfully organizing the games.

These groups or mandals were deemed helpful in not only covering an ugly area under a human pyramid but also in showcasing the cultural heritage of the country.

“We could ask the Govindas to whistle at women passersby to give them a local flavor.” was the response of the official when it was pointed out to him that hosting the games was more about showcasing the heritage of the city than the country.