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2 KMs long pedestrian traffic jam at Parel station, Army called in to rescue commuters

26, Aug 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai: While long traffic jams on the roads of Mumbai are nothing new, today morning saw a huge traffic jam at the platform of Parel station. There was a queue of over 2 KMs of pedestrians trying to get out of the station and were failing to do so since the only staircase on the platform was gridlocked. Government has already called in the Army to rescue people out of the jam and aims to restore normalcy within an hour.

An aerial view of the traffic jam

While everyone is well aware of the crowded Mumbai locals, sometimes the platforms get more crowded than the general compartment of the local due to lack of exits available. Parel in particular suffers as there is only one staircase to get people out and that creates problems during rush hour. Generally, the 5 RPF policemen deployed there get traffic moving but this morning; even they failed to clear the rush.

“Pedestrian jams are not something new here, usually there is greater rush on the platform than on the trains. However, generally the jams extended till 500 meters only, today it is over 2 KMs long. Maybe someone got into a fight or someone collapsed due to lack of Oxygen holding up the line. I was waiting since 9 AM to get out of the station and was airlifted in an Army chopper 5 minutes back”, a daily commuter Akash told Faking News.

Another frustrated passenger Rajneesh said,”I changed trains from Dadar to reach Parel. After I got down at Parel, I went to the back of the line of people queuing up for the exit. By the time I reached the end of the queue, I found that I am back at Dadar station. What is this yaar; make at least one more exit on this platform.”

Meanwhile, some people at the back of the queue who had reached Dadar, have already taken the trains back to their homes swearing never to get down at Parel again.