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Mumbai maid with back problem demands Priyanka Chopra like dress for mopping the floor

02, May 2017 By @jurnoleast

A maid servant from Mumbai has threatened to quit her job if her employers do not provide her with a dress like the one worn by Priyanka Chopra to the Met Gala red carpet.

The dress that has become a rage among maids in India

The maid says she has back problems which make it difficult for her to bend down while mopping the floor. The gown will help her clean the floor as she just walks across the house.

Speaking to Faking News, Gangubai the maid, said, “It’s not possible for me to carry on with the houselhold tasks now. Dus saal ho gaya idhar kaam karke. Rojka jhadu-pocha karke mera kamar toot gaya. Now I want that dress so that I wont have to bend anymore”

“I have given an ultimatum to my employers, if I don’t get the dress in the next 5 days, I will quit the job,” she added.

When questioned if she’d fit in the dress given that it would designed keeping body proportions in mind, Gangu said that she was ready to shed a few kilos to squeeze herself in the gown.

Her employers, the Verma family is now in a fix and trying their best to meet her latest demands. “Although her demand is ridiculous, there is nothing we can do about it. And she wants the exact same dress not a ‘similar’ looking one. That Ralph-Lauren outfit costs a bomb. I never bought a dress like that for myself and now I have to gift one to my maid,” said Neha Verma.

Though he would hate to admit it, but this was one rare occasion when Neha’s better half agreed with her. “I have already applied for a loan to buy that outfit. Being in the IT sector I have not received a raise for the last 6 years. All my savings will go in getting that ‘gown mop’ for ‘her highness’. I did think of getting rid of her, but my wife wouldn’t agree. Sometimes I feel my wife can do without me but not without the maid,” said Ankit Verma, as he got busy applying for a loan to different banks.

Meanwhile, a Ralph-Lauren spokesperson admitted to having received a lot of queries regarding ‘Priyanka Chopra dress’ from both employers and maids in India.