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Mumbai man asks govt to change the name of 'Winter' to 'Summer' as historically there was no winter in Mumbai

19, Nov 2018 By Santosh Pradhan

Mumbai: Shakespeare be damned, the rose would never smell as good by any other name. Not for India’s right-wing. Not till the 2019 general elections, at least. 1522002970-5308

Across India, in most BJP-ruled states, governments are changing names of cities, streets and railway stations, stripping hundreds of years of history to “reclaim” Indian culture and heritage.

Major cities were earlier renamed to wipe out signs of the British Raj—Bombay became Mumbai, Madras changed to Chennai, Calcutta became Kolkata and Bangalore was renamed Bengaluru. And it would be the turn of other things, like the seasons, fruits,vegetables etc. In a latest happening, a Mumbai man has requested the Maharashtra govt to change the name of ‘Winter’ to ‘Summer’ as historically there is no evidence of Winter found in Mumbai.

Even currently when the whole of North India and Central India is experiencing dip in temperatures, Mumbai is heating up like its the month of April or May.

It will be a cause of celebration for the crowd in Mumbai as they might get 2 summer vacations from now on. It is to be seen if the same happens in Chennai too as there too there is no historical data found on Winter.