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Mumbai man finally wears the sweater he bought 5 years ago

24, Dec 2015 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai: As the temperature in commercial capital of India dropped to a historic low at 11 degrees, 35 year old Atul Narvekar finally got the chance to wear a sweater he bought back in 2010.

Atul's prized possession
Atul’s prized possession

As it started getting a bit chilly last night, Atul opened the old trunk lying in his house, took out his prized possession, removed all the dust accumulated over the sweater, wore it and then shared his selfie across all social networks. He was so excited about it that he shared the image on Google+ as well.

Atul, who works as a programmer in a leading IT firm said, “I had bought this sweater in 2010 when I was planning a visit to Shimla with my college friends. That trip hasn’t materialized yet as my boss hasn’t approved a leave during these last 5 years. But now I don’t have to go to a hill station to experience winter, I can wear this sweater in Mumbai itself thanks to the low temperatures. This is incredibly exciting.”

“My wife wanted me to throw the sweater away or exchange it for a pateela from a bartan waali but I resisted all her ideas. For years she kept telling me that I wasted my money over this sweater and I should forget about it but my patience paid off. I can wear it proudly today.’ Atul added.

When our reporter visited Mr Atul’s house, he was standing outside his house showing off his sweater to all his neighbours who were looking at him with a mix of jealousy, amazement and irritation.

Mumbai has witnessed the lowest temperature in several years. While some people have blamed climate change and world pollution for the low temperatures in Mumbai, some have directly blamed PM Narendra Modi for the cold in Mumbai. “Why is Modi in Russia? Has he signed a pact to transfer Siberian cold to Mumbai?” tweeted AAP leader Ashutosh.