Tuesday, 31st March, 2020


Mumbai man who reached home safely during heavy rains on Tuesday went back to the streets after hearing Arnab’s voice

31, Aug 2017 By Santosh Pradhan

At least five persons were killed in different rain-related incidents during Tuesday’s deluge when Mumbai was virtually paralyzed while the political parties kept blaming each other for the mess and leaving no opportunity to take the credit for relief work. But despite the mess visible on the streets, Sanil Jain an IT employee who reached safe on Tuesday decided to again go back to the water logged streets after hearing Arnab’s voice during prime time.


People were trying to find out different means of reaching home safely on Tuesday as most of the public transport remained dysfunctional. It took 10-12 hours for the civic body to restore transportation. Sanil swam for 2-3 kilometers, then took lift on a tempo, walked for 3-4 kilometers, climbed up a tree and reached his apartment situated at 3rd floor of a Ghatkopar Building. His family members were ecstatic and breathed a sigh of relief after seeing him. But the pleasant moment did’t last too long as Sanil soon had a glance at the TV set, heard Arnab’s voice and again jumped back on to the streets. He was so terrified of Arnab’s voice that he didn’t even think that he can easily change the channel and avoid the pain.

Sanil is untraceable since last 2 days and his family has even stuck posters throughout the city requesting him to comeback and assuring that they will never watch any off Arnab’s prime time shows. With Arnab also roaming around streets to cover the Mumbai rains, there are chances that Sanil might see him on one of the streets and come back home. Though there is a bleak possibility of this happening, people in Mumbai are praying for the miracle to happen.