Mumbai man reaches Nashik while searching for an affordable, spacious flat near his office in Lower Parel

11, Dec 2017 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai: Search for an affordable, spacious flat near his office has taken a man all the way from Lower Parel (where his search began) to Nashik. However, the man is terming this search a success since he finally managed to find a spacious flat that he can afford.

Find a spacious flat if you can!
Find a spacious flat if you can!

Recalling his search, Anil Kohli said ,”I recently moved to Mumbai with my family and I needed a flat to stay. My office is in Lower Parel so naturally I started the search there. However, either I found flats where me and my family would be required to sleep standing up due to lack of space, or I found flats with monthly rent equal to my annual salary. That is when the property agent advised me to look for localities a little away from Lower Parel.”

“That is when we started moving a bit away and encountered various other problems. Either the building was older than MDH Uncle or there was no place to park my Car. When the amenities were good, the flat again returned to the size of a matchbox or the connectivity to my office was poor. However, I didn’t lose hope and kept on going down the highway and eventually I found a perfect flat. I hadn’t realised how far we have traveled but then the property agent told me that this flat is only 175 KMs from my office and I came to know we are in Nashik”, he added.

When asked if he is planning to take the flat, Anil replied in the affirmative and said , “I can start early morning and travel in government buses or trains, will reach home a little late in the night but at least I will have a nice weekend in a spacious flat and it doesn’t cost me much either. I will still be reaching earlier than some of my colleagues living in Western suburbs who come via their own vehicles.”

When asked if he will lose out on proper sleep on account of the hectic traveling, Anil said ,”Oh no, that won’t be a problem. I work in HR, I can sleep in the office.”