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Mumbai man reaches all the way back to his home while searching for parking space near office

09, Jun 2017 By Santosh Pradhan

Finding a parking spot in South Mumbai is a big headache for office goers. people spend as much time in finding parking space as the time spent by them in offices. But the happiness one gets after finding a parking space has no comparison to anything on gets in Mumbai city. But what if you don’t get a parking space, you keep driving and reach back home, sounds bizarre but it actually happened in Mumbai.


We are talking about Sidharth Srivastava, who is an employee of an MNC in south Mumbai. He commutes daily from Thane to his office and back. Mostly he finds parking space after spending 1-2 hours in doing so. But what transpired yesterday was a completely different story all together. Sidharth reached office at 9 AM in the morning and started finding parking space, he even used some new applications in his phone which tells you about empty parking spaces in nearby area. He even had his car towed by traffic police when he had just left his car and started walking to find a parking space. It was only after 2 hrs of continuous driving did he realize that he has reached back home. It was a pleasant surprise for his family and they welcomed him back like a warrior who has come home after a battle.

Our Faking News reporter caught up with Sidharth and he had this to say,” All roads in Mumbai look the same when it is crowded, and so I kept driving slowly in search of the illusive parking space. Sometimes I waited at spots where people had parked their cars, for them to return and empty the space. But everything went in vain. I kept on driving and after almost 90 minutes I did realize that roads seemed bit familiar, but one thing remained constant, i.e. the lack of parking space. It was only when I reached my colony gate, that it struck my mind that I have returned back home.”

Sidharth’s boss has still not believed the story, and Sidharth wants us to convince his boss on the same. Meanwhile, all you readers do plan your parking properly near your office.