Mumbai man who went out to buy milk fails to return home after not able to recognize the empty roads

28, Mar 2020 By Santosh Pradhan

Mumbai. The 21 days lockdown is being implemented strictly by the policemen and people who venture out have a tough time with the police. But what happened to Sanil Srivastava was rather weird as he was not able to recognize the roads on his way back home during the Lockdown.


Sanil started from his home today morning in Ghatkopar fetch some milk for his family. He reached the grocery store as there was some rush and the crowd helped him reach. But it was while returning that he faced a big challenge in recognizing the roads. He covered a distance of almost 10-15 kilometers in search of his home as he was not carrying his cell phone. The grocery store was at a distance of 250 meters from his house.

Finally, he conveyed his problem to a policeman at one of the junctions and a police vehicle that was going towards Ghatkopar helped him reach home. Even while he was going back home in the vehicle, he was not able to recognize even a single road.

Thousands of migrant workers are attempting to leave India’s major cities after a government lockdown designed to prevent a local epidemic of novel coronavirus left them without jobs or pay.