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Mumbai man wishes for a weekly bandh to have less working hours and empty roads

04, Jan 2018 By RT
Mumbai. A resident of Navi Mumbai’s Vashi area had openly declared that he supports any kind of bandh or protests in Mumbai. The roads are empty and also there is less working hours in office due to a bandh, he reasoned. Talking to the news channels on the effect of the bandh, Mr. Kumar said he welcomes similar situations in future and wishes to have it weekly once, it is observed by Faking News.
“I live in the most boring area in Mumbai. Actually, it is Navi Mumbai. Nothing ever remotely happens here that can be considered as an exciting living. A bandh once in a while will spice the things up. It is not like a Hartal in Kerala or something. Here, the life is normal. And the best part is that the roads are empty and there is less working hours in the office. Also, at office, we talk about nothing else other than the protests and violence in the city. All in all, a good break from the monotonous routine” Kumar told Faking News.
“I work in Dombivli, another boring suburb of Mumbai. On a good day, it takes 2 hours to reach my office. On a bad day, it goes up to 3 hours sometimes. Yesterday, all it took was 45 minutes for me to reach my office. Coming back was even easier as it took only 35 minutes, thanks to a skillful Ola driver. I am completely clueless about the traffic which happens on the regular days. If people can operate with less vehicles on bandh days, why cannot they do the same on the normal days” Kumar asked a thought provoking question to Faking News.
“Do not mistake me as I am asking for frequent bandhs in the city. A weekly bandh is good. Also, it gotta be a weakly bandh. That is my responsibility as a good citizen to always wish for normal life for fellow citizens” Kumar played with the words weekly and weakly.
Mr. Kumar was seen browsing for likely protests in the city in the near future, using his mobile phone, when Faking News reporter left the area, in a relatively less traffic, in an unprecedented 2nd day in a row.