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Mumbai man's entire deposit deducted by landlord for 'Oxygen Charges'

08, Jan 2018 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai: A resident of Andheri, Sushil Kumar, was in for a rude shock when his landlord refused to return his deposit amount of 2 Lakh Rupees at the time of vacating the flat. The landlord told Sushil that he is keeping the entire amount as payment for the ‘Oxygen charges’ against all the Oxygen Sushil used during his 1 year stay at the flat.

Mumbai, The city that never returns deposit!

Explaining the rationale behind his actions, the landlord said ,”I am acting very reasonably here, that is why I charged only 2 Lakh Rupees, else you know that Oxygen is invaluable. He is saying that he didn’t know he will need to pay for Oxygen but you tell me boss, if you pay for electricity inside the flat, water inside the flat, then why not Oxygen? Since he is a salaried employee, I took pity on him and didn’t charge this amount on monthly basis, I didn’t want to disrupt his monthly budget. Now for all this goodness of mine, he is calling me a thief. Bhalai ka to zamana hi nahin raha.”

Furthermore he added ,”I have been told by my contacts in the society that this guy used to breathe a lot of Oxygen as well. Why couldn’t he get his fill from outside instead of breathing here inside the flat? We are open minded people so never objected to his heavy breathing but we will appropriately charge for that, no?”

Meanwhile, Sushil still can’t believe it. Speaking to Faking News, he said ,”I was told that this deposit amount is there in case I damage the property. I was so worried about losing any of my deposit that I took better care of his house than my own house back home in Punjab. But he brought this Oxygen charge and showed me in the contract that I had agreed to pay any ‘Miscellaneous charges’, now how was I supposed to know that he will charge for Oxygen under that?”

When we asked Sushil if he will take any legal action, he said ,”I did think about going to the Court but then I thought about Indian Courts and I gave up the idea of going to the Court.”