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Mumbai Police exposes 'Killing Relatives For Leave Excuses' racket; 120 employees arrested

26, Sep 2017 By Akash Vadera

Mumbai Police, in a spine-chilling chase on Monday, exposed a ferocious and magnanimous racket of ‘Killing Relatives For Leave Excuses’ carried out by employees of major IT companies. They have arrested 120 employees so far and many more arrests are underway.

We interviewed Mr. Hari Sadu, the mastermind behind this expose and here’s what he had to say, “We have been getting complaints since the last 3 years from bosses, senior managers, managers, etc. that they have been seeing the dead relatives of their employees. For the first 5-10 complaints, we didn’t take it seriously and reported those complainants to Narcotics department. But when the number of similar incidents increased, I suspected there is something fishy. One day, a senior manager with an IT company came to us and said that he saw a dead relative of his employee roaming in the mall. The employee had said that the relative had died in a car accident and taken a leave for that. We didn’t want to go ahead without any confirmation so we went undercover in that mall and identified the dead relative. He was alive and kicking, kicking his son for purchasing unnecessary items. This is when I decided I need to carry out a covert option to catch these employees red-handed.”

He further added, “So based on the patterns of past incidents, we realised that a manager with another IT company would the next victim. We dressed one of our cops as a chaaiwala and planted him in his office. And then we waited for the employee to do the first attack. And within a few minutes, the employee came into the office stating that his maternal uncle has died and that he needed to go to his hometown so he needed a leave. We had instructed the manager that he would use tears to make the con believable and to not fall for it. As planned, the manager agreed to give him the day off and the employee left the office. We followed the employee after he left office. And as we had expected, he picked his girlfriend and went into a mall to watch ‘A Gentleman’. We barged in the theatre and caught him red-handed. I also gave him 2 slaps for choosing to watch A Gentleman.”

“We are conducting more such operations on a daily basis and we are arresting the employees carrying out this racket. The dead relative usually is a ‘mama’ or a ‘fufa’. This is the trigger keyword that onsets our radar. We have arrested 120 employees till now and we will not rest till we arrest every last one of them,” he concluded.

It may be true that bad times bring out the worst in people, but if you’re an employee, who is tempted to carry out this con, beware! Mr. Hari Sadu is waiting for you.