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Mumbai Politician caught jumping a 'Red signal', says he was just boycotting the ‘lal-batti’ culture

17, May 2017 By Santosh Pradhan

In a welcome move, the Central Government had passed the orders to abolish ‘Lal Batti’ culture. The ban has been effective from May 1, and it does not exempt even vehicles of the President, Prime Minister and the Chief Justice of India. But the ban has created a new problem in Mumbai. A politician was caught jumping a Red signal on the pretext of boycotting ‘Lal Batti‘ culture.Mumbai-traffic-32619

As per the information received from our reporters, the incident happened near the Amar Mahal flyover at Chembur. The politician with his convoy reached the spot when there was a red light beaming from the traffic lights, but instead of waiting for it to turn green, the 3 vehicles which were part of the convoy jumped the signal without bothering about any repercussions. It was only after an honest traffic policeman followed them and stopped them that they got a feeler about their mistake. But the story doesn’t end here, as the reason given by the politician in jumping the signal was a shocking one. According to the politician he was just boycotting the ‘lal-batti’ culture by ignoring the Red traffic light.

Our Faking News reporter caught up with Siddharth Singh, the personal secretary of the politician and he had this to say, ” My boss strongly believes in leading from the front and setting examples. What he did today will instill trust in the mind of our citizens that politicians are actually against the VIP culture. There is no red beacon on our vehicles, no red light in our houses and similarly we have been told to ignore every red light to register our protest against the ‘Lal-Batti’ culture. The traffic police also understood the cause we were standing for and assured ‘netaji’ that he would never stop his car from jumping the red signal.”

In this world of corrupt and arrogant politicians, we should be hopeful that there are people who are fighting for their citizens and leading by example.