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Mumbai pothole turns 20

20, Jun 2019 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai: Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) organised a grand birthday party yesterday to celebrate the 20th birthday of the oldest pothole in the city. The pothole, located in Kandivali, was tastefully decorated to mark this historic occasion. The pothole was also handed its voter ID card and Driving License as it entered adulthood.

18 years young!

Speaking on the occasion, a senior BMC official said ,”We have always tried to support our potholes as much as possible but they don’t survive long enough to enter adulthood. Some VVIP visits the area and we have to quickly kill the pothole to make sure the VVIP doesn’t get to see it. Fortunately, nobody important has visited this road during the past 2 decades so it has successfully managed to enter adulthood.”

Furthermore, he added ,”It is the pride of BMC because nothing defines us like the potholes on our roads and it is tribute to our work culture that we have managed to preserve this pothole for 20 years now. We have thousands of them all over the city and this one is the grandfather of them all in some ways. In fact, most of the staff in our office hasn’t been with BMC as long as this pothole.”

Meanwhile, pothole experts have predicted that the pothole is likely to breed during the monsoons and we are likely to see a number of little potholes appear around this pothole during the next three months.

BMC has dismissed rumours that they plan to kill the pothole any time soon and sources within the Corporation has assured Faking news that a grand Silver Jubilee of the pothole will be celebrated as long as politicians stay away from this road during the next 5 years.