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Mumbai-Pune Hyperloop will be functional before Mumbai Monorail: Experts

20, Feb 2018 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai: Los-Angeles based Virgin Hyperloop One on Sunday signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Maharashtra government to build and develop the world’s first operational hyperloop between Mumbai and Pune. This will reduce the travel time between Mumbai and Pune to 25 minutes. Even though the final project delivery will take several years, experts are confident that the hyperloop will be functional well before Mumbai Monorail.

To be a reality before Monorail

Mumbai Monorail is a project more mysterious than the Bermuda Triangle as nobody has been able to figure out the purpose of the pillars and tracks that have been laid over a period of last 500 years for the Mumbai Monorail. MMRDA has promised that Monorail will run next month, but that promise has been taken the same way as ‘Kal se daru band’ promises. Now the experts have weighed in and said that the proposed Mumbai-Pune hyperloop will be completed well before the first Monorail reaches Jacob Circle.

Speaking to Faking News, a veteran expert with experience of 750 news debates said ,”Even though the hyperloop is just an MOU and we will go through a long process of project study, feasibility, budgeting, design, construction, testing, commissioning etc, we can be fairly certain that it will be carrying passengers from Mumbai to Pune long before anything happens on the Monorail project. That project is Birbal ki khichdi of projects and everyone else’s khichdi will get cooked before that.”

Meanwhile, MMRDA was considering giving Monorail stations on rent for birthday parties and other functions to recover some of the amount spent on constructing them. There was also a proposal to tear up the entire infrastructure of Monorail project and sell it to scrap dealers but scrap dealers refused to buy material used in a government project saying they aren’t sure of the quality.