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Mumbai saloon offers burgers and pizzas for the customers waiting for the service this Diwali

24, Oct 2016 By RT

Mumbai. A Saloon in Mumbai, Kabali’s –  which recently opened in Xperia mall, offers burgers and pizzas for the customers waiting for the service. The new scheme has been announced for the Diwali weekend and will run till the end of the year, the franchise management told Faking News.


“The entire service industry has become totally competitive and unless we come up with new ideas to keep the customers occupied, they will simply walk out and go to the competitors’ shops. Ordering a pizza as soon as a customer enters our shop will make them sit down at least until after the slice is served,” said the franchise manager.

“No. It will not affect our profits. Earlier, when we used to offer coffee and tea for customers, we made sure that they would be left with no money to buy tea or coffee for a few days to come. Now, with our enhanced package, they will have no money to even think about eating out for the entire year,” she further added.

When Faking News asked about whether this would affect the repeat customers, the lady simply laughed. “None in their right frame of mind would visit our shop twice. It is not that our services are bad. It is just that our pricing model is designed to cater to onetime customers, who will pride themselves that they have visited Kabali’s once in their lifetime. It is like taking a ride in a Rolls Royce!”

“A pizza slice costs us a Rs.50 and a burger costs Rs.40. That is only twice costlier than the tea and coffee that we used to offer earlier. But, the benefits are multiple times. Once, when a customer was chewing on a burger, we offered the entire services from our saloon and the poor guy simply nodded. He had to call a friend to settle the bill,” the franchise manager winked.

It was later learnt by Faking News that the friend the customer called was a banker and he had applied for a personal loan to take care of the bill.