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Mumbai Traffic Police gets scuba diving gear to fine drivers drowning in Mumbai Rains

04, Sep 2019 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai: The new traffic rules have been introduced across the country with fines running into several thousand for various traffic offences.

Motivated by the new rules, traffic police across the country has geared up for massive collections during the next few weeks as the public adjusts to following traffic rules. While Gurugram Traffic Police has been given AK-47s to respond to the guns of the drivers, in Mumbai, the traffic police has been provided scuba diving gear to reach the errant drivers.

With Mumbai rains in full flow and half the city under water, it was anticipated that the police will struggle to reach some of the drivers breaking rules on the road. To counter that, every police unit has been given 2 scuba diving gears, the cost of which will be recovered from the first couple of traffic fines.

Speaking to Faking News, a senior Mumbai Police Officer said, “Most of the traffic offences are committed by these drowned drivers but we were unable to reach them so we had to invest in diving gear. These drivers stop their vehicles in the middle of the road, dangerous driving, remove helmets, their papers get swept away in the water so they are without documents, some of these 2 wheelers get stuck in the sewers blocking our drainage system, all together it comes to around 1 Lakh fine per person so it was very important to collect these fines.”

“With our diving gears, our brave policemen will reach each and every one of these dangerous offenders and issue them the fine. If someone is passed out under the water, we will send the fine to the next of the kin. Within a few days, people will become more aware and will only venture out on Hovercrafts in Mumbai”, he added.

Meanwhile, a man was caught at Delhi International Airport when he was trying to escape the country after collecting 3 traffic fines.