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While Mumbaikars take umbrella to work, Bangalore boys take a shaving kit due to traffic, says report

29, Aug 2017 By RT

Bangalore. While Mumbaikars take umbrella to work, Bangalore boys take a shaving kit, says the recent report on the city’s ever growing traffic. During the last week, there were incidents that a few boys even opened up immobile car parlours, while stuck in the roads, it is learnt by Faking News.

“The shaving kit serves for guys who start from home unshaven. In the traffic, they can freshen themselves up with a close shave. Also, the kit helps the guys who start completely clean shaven from home, in the morning. By the time they reach the office, most of the boys develop an evening stubble and they can make use of the kit to look good for the evening,” a regular commuter told Faking News.

“There are a lot of jokes about Mumbaikars taking an umbrella to work and forgetting to get it back in the evening, if there is no rain. On the other hand, the garden city’s boys and girls never forget about the traffic. After all, they spent 3/4 of the day in traffic and only 1/4 in doing things like brushing, taking shower and sleeping,” he further added.

“Do you know Woes? I mean do you know that the women oppose the evening stubble? That’s where the kit helps the boys most. On the need to carry an umbrella, there never is a need to carry one. It only rains about 3 hours at a time on any given time of the day or night. That is about the time it takes to cross 3 signals, in a 3 kilometers stretch,” another commuter and a regular to one of the car parlors told Faking News.

With the new trend going viral in the social media, a lot of people now carry an entire vanity bag and also a beautician along for the ride, it is learnt by Faking News.