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Municipality assures residents that the new road will disappear after the first monsoon shower

08, Jun 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Faridabad: Municipal Corporation of Faridabad has assured anxious residents that the new roads they are seeing in the city will disappear after the first monsoon shower. This assurance was given after the sight of new carpeted roads started making many residents nervous.

These potholes will return with the monsoon

As per the Indian Meteorological Department, Monsoon is set to hit Kerala any time during the next 365 days and will reach Faridabad few days after that. As per the municipality, once Faridabad experiences the first Monsoon shower, all the newly carpeted roads will disappear restoring the city to its usual state.

“Many residents were concerned that they may sprain an ankle while walking on the new roads or meet with an accident while driving fast on a pothole free road, we just want to tell them that it is only a temporary measure and the usual roads will reappear once we get some rain. It is a tradition to give roads a makeover before Monsoons every year and we are just following that”, an executive engineer working with the municipal corporation told Faking News.

When we asked why don’t they make more durable roads instead of carpeting them before every Monsoon, the engineer said,”If road condition doesn’t deteriorate then how will we do the next tender for the same road? If we don’t issue tenders regularly then how will we create jobs? If there are no jobs then how will the economy grow? Roads that disappear after one shower are contributing to the growth of Indian economy.”

We got in touch with the civil contractor to check if he is as confident as the municipality in the quality of the road he is constructing and he said ,”Oh I have full faith in my work. This time I am using very high quality materials so it may last as long as 2 days of Monsoons.”