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Naaptol Delivery guy makes it to India's Top Billionaires list after leaving 4 Dhan Laxmi Yantras overnight in his delivery bag

08, Oct 2016 By electroman

A Naaptol delivery guy has been making waves in the Financial sector since morning after he became a billionaire overnight. He was a regular poor guy when he slept the previous night. Now he is one of the smug rich people he despised all his life. He was flabbergasted on the sudden change that occurred in his life. He couldn’t find a rational explanation for all his wealth.

From an ordinary delivery guy to the richest man in the world
From an ordinary delivery guy to the richest man in India

After looking for clues for 4 hours he suddenly realized his day job which is a Naaptol delivery guy. He hurriedly took his delivery bag and got ready for work. He found some items were left in his bag from the previous day’s delivery list.

When he checked them, he was in for the shock of his life. There were 4 Dhan Laxmi yantras in the bag which he didn’t deliver yesterday, because the old lady who ordered them was not available in the house.

He had to take them back home and he slept off. When he woke up he saw that he was sleeping on a pile of cash and his old dirty cupboard was filled with gold and diamonds. In a sheer stroke of luck, so many things have gone right for this guy.

A lot of things have to fall in place for such a momentous thing to happen. People buy these yantras and pray everyday to become rich, but not many people have attained such extreme results in a short period of time.

The manufacturer was also shocked on hearing the news. The CEO said, “I stock pile these Yantras by the hundreds at my home everyday, but i haven’t had such a change in my financial status.” Then he ordered his R&D team to look in to the issue.

The newly rich delivery guy was last seen making attempts to buy Flipkart, Amazon and Snapdeal all together to launch a competition for Naaptol.