Naked man found running outside Fortis hospital identified as patient who had to part with his clothes to pay hospital bills

07, Dec 2017 By @jurnoleast

A naked man in his mid-thirties was spotted running outside Fortis hospital in Gurgaon today afternoon leading to momentary chaos outside the premises. Eyewitness say that the man, who did not even have a shred of cloth to cover his privates, dashed his way from the hospital and disappeared in the nearby lane.

PCR vans quickly reached the spot to investigate and later found out that the aforementioned man had been discharged a few hours back after settling his dues with the hospital. “It seems the hospital handed him an exorbitant bill and he had to give away his clothes too to pay it. No case has been registered,” said the officer on duty.

The identity of the man is not yet clear, but he has already found sympathizers in the patient community. A few patients in the hospital who were expecting discharge later in the day have already asked for extra set if clothes just in case.

The incident once again raised the issue of overcharging by hospitals. News Debate centered on the topic sought opinions from prominent citizens to deal with the issue. Social Worker L. Atta, in a heated debate on Republic TV criticized hospitals for turning the medical profession into a business. “Chhatri hoti hai kholne ke liye, Chaadar hoti hai odhne ke liye aur hospital hote hai lootne ke liye,” said Mr. Atta while airing his views on the debate.