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Nalayak son sleeping inside ATM booth to withdraw money at the earliest for his father's daru

12, Nov 2016 By dasu

Jackie Bhagjani, whom, some people call Nalayak behind his back, is doing something which will make his father proud. He is sleeping inside ATM booth so that he is among the first to withdraw money as soon as it opens. With that money he wants to purchase a crate of beer bottles for his father.


While speaking to us Jackie said, “Couple of days back, my father said to me, purchase some beer bottles as all were over at home. I thought, after attending party, while returning back home on the way I will purchase them. How on earth I could have guessed Modiji will come live on TV and announce the scrapping of 500 and 1000 rupee notes.”

Jackie added, “I had only American Express card, which shopkeepers did not accept. As I didn’t have hundred rupee notes, requested multiple liquor shops, take 1000 rupee for a 100-rupee bottle. No one listened to me.”

“I was unable to drive as my eyes were filled with tears. Was feeling so low thinking what not my father has done for me. One after another six flops I have given him, still he is ready to invest on me,” said Jackie.

“Only option before me was to withdraw four 100 rupee notes from ATM so that I’d be able to buy whatever little I could for him. It was tough out there. Every ATM queue on the way, had minimum two hundred people. Stood in queue, my bad luck, by the time my turn came, ATM ran out of cash,” said Jackie.

“Then I decided, will come home with a crate of beer bottles otherwise I won’t come. Called my father to convey that. He told me, Ab bas kar, rulayega kya pagle,” said Jackie with pride in his eyes.

“Here I am, sleeping inside ATM for last 2 days. Thought being a Bollywood hero, security fellow will arrange a bed for me. Neither he asked for my autograph or showed any respect. It seems like many others he has not seen any of my movies,” said Jackie while rubbing his eyes.

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