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Narendra Modi to have a destination oath taking ceremony abroad

27, May 2019 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: Travel enthusiast Narendra Modi led NDA has won a thumping majority in the recently concluded Lok Sabha elections and Mr. Modi is all set to take oath as Indian Prime Minister once again. However, this time the oath taking ceremony will have a twist, it will be a destination oath taking ceremony. Till now we only had destination weddings but now even oaths will be taken at tourist destinations.


So far, the destination for the ceremony has not been finalized as Mr. Modi wants to go to a tourist spot he hasn’t visited till date and it is proving difficult to find such a place. Government officials are consulting with former President Pratibha Patil as she has a vast experience of visiting such places.

Speaking to Faking News, a senior BJP official said, “We want to change the monotony of these ceremonies. Coming to Delhi, taking the oath, it is all too boring, and Delhi is so hot and polluted as well so a change of scenery will be nice. Further, there was a lot of debate over inviting Imran Khan to India or not since Nawaz Sharif was invited last time. By making it a destination ceremony, we take that out of the equation as everyone knows only close friends and relatives are invited to destination ceremonies.”

Main opposition party Indian National Congress has criticized this idea of destination ceremony and has attacked Narendra Modi for wasting taxpayers’ money on it. Congress President Rahul Gandhi has said that though he doesn’t have any proof, he is sure that this is being done to put some money in Anil Ambani’s pocket.

Meanwhile, BJP stalwart LK Advani has refused to go for the oath ceremony of the Prime Minister saying that ab aur sahan nahi hota.