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NASA captures never seen before image of lone man still watching Big Boss in India

21, Dec 2018 By @jurnoleast

NASA today released high definition images of earth which also included an image of Indian man watching Big Boss. The images were taken by NASA satellite while orbiting around earth and were relayed to base station earlier this morning. The image shows an man sitting in front of his TV and watching season 12 of reality show Big Boss.

A spokesperson for the space agency said that the image has gathered a lot of interest and some are even going to the extent of calling it fake. “At around 21:25 IST our satellites captured an image of a man identified to be from India watching Bigg Boss. It seems that chances of finding someone watching Big Boss is way remote than spotting the Yeti. But we guarantee you that these images are accurate and not been photoshopped,” said the spokesperson.

No sooner the image was shared on social media, many were curious about the identity of the man. But with grainy satellite image it appears to be difficult to identify the subject.

Many were surprised that the show is still running. Executives from the channel which airs the show were clueless when questioned if they intend to wind up the 12th season. “Thanks for bringing it to out notice. We had completely forgotten about the show,” said one channel executive.

Acknowledging his contribution to TRP’s, the channel is now planning to honor him in some way to express their gratitude. Bollywood actor Salman Khan- who hosts the show- was ecstatic and even offered to cast the man or for that matter any Big Boss viewer in his next movie.