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NASA to end the long running internet rumor, will actually click India from space this Diwali

30, Aug 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Houston, Texas: National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is set to end one of the longest running internet rumors by actually clicking India from space this Diwali. A special mission is being organized for this particular task and it will be in orbit by the 30th of October, the Diwali day.

We can finally send this pic to the recycle bin

Ever since the invention of email, people have been circulating an image that was allegedly clicked by NASA on a Diwali night. Despite repeated clarifications by NASA, the email refuses to die and surfaces every winter after Diwali. Fed up of this false association, NASA has decided to give a real image to circulate in emails.

“It is pretty frustrating that the photo is still in circulation. At NASA we place great emphasis on accuracy and then there is this totally inaccurate photo circulating in our name. How do you think it makes us look? Earlier, it was just the email, now it has become a WhatsApp forward, an Instagram post, a highly shared FB post, it is everywhere. The quality of the image is also terrible, people think we share our camera with ANI news. We will give them a high resolution image now”, one of the NASA administrators told Faking News.

“If we want something shared in NASA’s name, we want it to be authentic; we want it to be accurate. That is why; we are sending this special Diwali mission. This onetime expense is better than the loss to NASA’s reputation over the years. We will click several images of India on the night of Diwali, people can then decide which one they want to circulate in their WhatsApp group”, the administrator added.

Before leaving, the NASA administrator also accepted that he has no clue what percentage of NASA employees are Indians and said that they are working on the ways to kill that forwarded email too.