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Nation agrees that Indians aren't racist towards people as long as they are white

05, Feb 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: After a lot of outrage and allegations of racism against Indians, entire nation has come together as one and clarified that India isn’t racist at all if your skin color is white.

If you aren't naturally white, walk around with this cream to avoid racism
If you aren’t naturally white, walk around with this cream to avoid racism

After a Tanzanian girl was beaten up and allegedly molested by a violent mob in Bengaluru, many people had raised the topic of racism in India and it brought entire nation together as one to clear this misconception.

“What racism are they talking about? Every time I see a white guy, I start treating him like a divine creature. What more can we do? This is utter nonsense that racism is prevalent in India.” said Ranjit, a Mumbai resident.

A wedding planner in Delhi, Mr Gurmeet Singh echoed Ranjit’s sentiment. He told us, “No question of racism at all sir. For every wedding I get requests to arrange at least a dozen white skinned people. How can such a country be racist? We are inviting unrelated people of different skin color to our family functions and then some people have the audacity to call us racist. Not fair at all.”

A tourist guide in Goa gave us further example of Indian love towards people with different skin color. “You should see the crowd of Indians at the beach around every white skinned female in a bikini. So much admiration for people of different skin tone and then these newspapers call us racist. This is just a media creation.” Mr D’Costa, a guide in Panaji told us.

Allegations of racism against Indians were refuted in the B Town as well. A leading actress told us on the condition of confidentiality, “This is a complete myth that Indians are racist. As long as you use this fairness cream advertised by me regularly, you won’t find anyone being racist towards you. You should try it, now costs only 5 Rupees.”

Meanwhile, External Affairs Ministry has told its embassies based in Africa to provide 10 tubes of fairness creams along with the visa to ensure Africans don’t face racism in India.