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National Geographic cameras spotted outside South Mumbai polling booth, hope to capture rare images of people voting

21, Feb 2017 By @jurnoleast

Mumbai: A posse of National Geographic photographers were spotted outside polling booth in South Mumbai who were camping since yesterday to capture what they term as ‘rare images’ of South Mumbai residents casting their vote. The team has been in the city for the last one week and has been scouting around for locations across polling centers to get the best shot.

natgeo photographer

Speaking to Faking News a crew member said, “We had got leads about Yeti sightings in Himalaya and wanted to capture images. But then someone said that BMC elections were being held we didn’t have second thoughts about dumping Yeti to capture the elusive South Mumbai voter.”

“We’ve heard a lot about the apathy of South Mumbai people and the fact that they rarely come out to vote. So we thought about carrying a series of ‘never seen before’ images which viewers might find exciting. Our crew is also planning to create a documentary from the footage that we have captured,” said cameraman Todd Brady.

The crew and their equipment were all strategically positioned and camouflaged so as not to startle the voter. A few enthusiastic news reporters however appeared like they’d ruin it for the NatGeo photographers with their ‘aapko kaisa lag raha hai’.

The crew, which was looking to capture interesting voting incidents across the city, was left disappointed with situation remaining largely peaceful. Only one incident managed to stand out, that of a voter in Bandra who screamed ‘Salman gaadi lekar vote daalne aa raha hai‘ to lessen the queue at polling booth.