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Need an year to evacuate people from Silk board before we can start metro station work: BMRCL

15, Jan 2017 By dasu

Bengaluru: One of Bengaluru’s most famous tourist attractions, Silk Board traffic jam my soon become  thing of the past. If all goes according to the plan, Silk Board Junction will become signal free in 3 to 4 years after construction of  metro station there. As per BMRCL sources, the project is supposed to take 3 yrs only but they are keeping an year’s buffer to evacuate people already stuck at the junction.

Silk Board
Most famous tourist attraction in Bengaluru

Explaining the challenge ahead, BMRCL MD  Mr. Prasun Singh said, “We can begin construction on the metro station only after evacuating the place completely as we need to put up barriers etc to control movement of vehicles during construction phase. We have to construct some arterial roads at different points connecting to the jam to evacuate some people. IT bigwigs like Infosys, TCS are demanding that some of their employees working on critical projects need to be airlifted. As long as they are ready to pay for it, we will do that as well. Even after that, we suspect it will take an year to arrange everything.”

Meanwhile, not everyone is happy with the planned decongestion of Silk Board junction. “Already city’s reputation is at all time low after the new year’s eve incident. Now if BMRCL is planning to take out the pride of every Bangalorean, the silk board traffic jam, we will not keep quiet”, said Abhay Joshi who has already started an online campaign to stop this project.

Another local resident Abdul Rahman said ,”Till now, I could always blame Silk Board traffic jam if I got late for office. What happens when this jam is no longer there, who will I blame, punctured tyre like the residents of other cities?”

Meanwhile, BMRCL officials who had gone for a site survey at Silk Board are stuck in the traffic jam there for last 4 days and were not available to comment on the expected time it will take to evacuate everyone stuck there.