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Neighborhood ignores couple whose kid goes to a school having fees less than 2 lakhs

15, Feb 2018 By dasu

Bengaluru: Manohar along with his family recently shifted to a posh locality in Bengaluru. Hardly a week has not passed, they are finding it tough to cope with the people staying in the locality.

“They were all very much welcoming when we shifted here. One day during a kitty party at my home, they asked me to which school Chintu will go from next year.  I said Bengaluru Public School (BPS) which is near to our apartment,” said Sarita, Manohar’s wife.

“I did not realize why, but most of the guests present there, their faces went blank. They did not talk to me properly afterwards, used some sign language among themselves through their eyes and left the party soon,” said Sarita.

After they left, my maid told me, “Madam, sabko pata hai idhar, the school fees for BPS is 1.4 lakhs. They will think you are sub-standard. Abhi aap se koi theek se baat nahin karega, aur Chintu ke saath koi khelege bhi nahin. All the kids here go to international school, BPS kind of school is for my kids. Sahab se bolo, Idhar rehna hai toh school change karo.

The ‘posh’ society people did not stop there. To maintain uniformity across the society, they asked the society head to add a new rule, ‘anyone coming here has to sign an undertaking they will admit their kids to some good school whose fees should not be less than 2 lakhs’.

“We have lot of ambition for our son. How can my son play someone like Chitnu? If your school fee is so less, you can guess the kind of teacher’s school will have, the kind of facility school will have. Just to tell you, my son’s school toilet has also AC,” said Mrs. Sharma who refused to buy medicines prescribed by a doctor who charged 300 rupees as consultation fee. She searched for a doctor through app who charge at least 1000 rupees for consultation.