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New cab rule says cab drivers can’t ask customers to get off until currently playing song gets over

14, Jun 2019 By @jurnoleast

In a bizarre turn of events, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has issued an order according to which cab drivers cannot drop off passengers until the song playing in the car gets over. It was found that the ministry took this decision after so receiving multiple petitions from people across the country.

To know more we directly spoke to the transport minister Nitin Gadkari who revealed, “Just before the start of the election campaign, we received close to 800 requests to make it mandatory for a cab driver to not drop off passengers until the song being played in the car gets finished. It was a bit weird request but since so many people wanted it to happen we agreed to go with it. This rule will come in action by the second week of July. It will be mandatory for private and other cabs like Uber and Ola to follow this rule. Breaking of this rule might lead to cancellation of their driving licences.”

We talked to a frequent cab commuter Ms Swati Chandra of New Delhi to know more about this new law and she seemed pretty excited to talk about it, “It’s the best rule that the Modi government has come up with. I am a music lover as well as a frequent cab traveler and it becomes very frustrating when some good song is being played and the driver ends the trip and asks me to leave. But now I shall be able to enjoy the entire song without any tension. I hope there are many people out there who like me would be delighted with this news.”

Everyone looks happy with this new rule as of now, but let’s see how things turn out after the second week of July 2019.