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New Fairness Cream Aimed At Engineering Aspirants, Claims It Helps Students Solve Irodov's Problems

13, Apr 2017 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: Fairness creams have shown that all the life’s problems can be solved by applying their cream. Whether you are struggling in personal or professional life, one fairness cream is all that it takes to achieve your dreams. Now a new fairness cream aimed exclusively at engineering aspirants has claimed that one can solve all the problems in IE Irodov if they apply this new fairness cream.

Fairness cream
Cream lagao, IIT jao

So far we had only seen fairness creams for men and women but this unique unisex cream is the first one that is aimed only at the students aspiring to enter an engineering college. The company, named FAIRIIT, launched this cream at an event in IIT Delhi yesterday in the presence of hundreds of engineers.

Speaking to Faking News, the CEO of FAIRIIT said ,”After years of research, we know for sure that fairness creams are the solution to every problem in life. Struggling in love life, apply fairness cream. Not getting a good appraisal, apply fairness cream. Car is punctured, apply fairness cream. When all these problems can be solved using a fairness cream then why not Irodov’s problems? Who is he to stop the fairness creams from solving every problem.”

“I wanted to get into an IIT myself, but Physics always ruined my dream. That is when I decided, one day I will make it easier for students to get into the IITs. After decades of work, I have finally developed this cream that makes you master of Physics and all the problems become easier to solve for you”, the CEO added.

When we asked how the cream will help with Physics, he said ,”When Coke and KFC don’t disclose their secret then why should we? Just accept what we are saying in our promotional campaign.”

As per sources, company is already working on 2 other variants of the cream that will help students master Chemistry and Maths as well.