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New SC Ruling - Couples staying in different parts of Bengaluru to be given long distance relationship status

12, May 2018 By Guest Patrakar

The Supreme Court (SC) today ordered the Karnataka govt to designate all the couples staying in Bengaluru but not together as a long distance relationship couple. SC rolled out the order after the state govt failed to solve the problem of increasing traffic. Bengaluru is extremely congested and comes to a standstill during peak hours. SC, in its ruling, made a remark, “Couples staying in different countries meet more often than couples staying in different parts of Bengaluru.”


The decision was taken by SC after hearing the petition of Shiva Acharya, a resident of Bengaluru. Shiva, in his petition has demanded that employees staying at a distance of more than 2 kms from their office be given remote location allowance. He also demanded for a long distance relationship status as he always finds it impossible to meet his girlfriend who lives just 700 mtrs away from his place because of the horrible traffic.

SC’s order just a few days ahead of elections is disturbing congress which is again blaming the Modi govt for this. Karnataka CM while addressing the media said it is well known that SC is under Modi and this ruling has been orchestrated only to take young voters away from congress.

Faking News correspondent spoke to a young couple, Abhishek and Shrishti, who stay in Bengaluru but were meeting after seven months. Abhishek, an IT engineer, said, “See, We don’t meet often and even when we meet we end up only with arguments because of so much miscommunication while talking through texts. Who is to be blamed for this?”