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New tapes released show Niira Radia talking to Harry Potter

20, Nov 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. The 2G spectrum scam and the ensuing events are getting murkier and crazier. After a magazine uploaded audio clips and transcripts of PR professional Niira Radia in conversation with journalists, politicians and industrialists, hinting at a media-politician-corporate nexus to install A Raja as the cabinet minister, new clips have been released that show Niira Radia talking to the adolescent wizard Harry Potter.

“WTF! Even the witches and wizards wanted A Raja to come back to power?” Amish, a shocked citizen of the nation said as he read the details of conversation between Harry Potter and Niira Radia that were published by an online magazine Hoggwinton Post.

Open Magazine's The X Tapes series
Will the media sweep the issue under the carpet using Harry’s broom?

The chat transcripts show that Radia wanted Harry Potter to use his pet owl Hedwig to deliver some messages to the Congress leaders on behalf of the DMK. At one point, she even cautions Harry to “think about” Dobby, but the context remains unclear due to a loud sound of a train whistle, apparently of Hogwarts Express, which makes the conversation inaudible.

“My God! Did Hedwig and Dobby fall victim of this dirty nexus between politicians, journalists, industrialists, bureaucrats, and Death Eaters?” wondered a traumatized Harry Potter fan, as he tweeted profusely seeking justice for the “wronged people”.

Meanwhile some legal experts have opined that the latest development might bring relief to those journalists and industrialists whose conversations with Radia had gone public a couple of days back.

“They can easily prove this Niira Radia as some crackpot who talks to imaginary creatures, and hence no credence should be attached to their conversations with such a person,” Ram Jhoothmalani, a legal expert said, rejecting the latest tape releases as “fake”.

But experts have refused to doubt the authenticity of the tapes. “We can’t rule out involvement of wizards, witches, werewolves, dementors, etc. into this whole lobbying business to get A Raja back as telecom minister as the net has been just widening ever since the 2G spectrum scam was first reported,” a CBI official said on conditions of anonymity.

“This is making everything so confusing,” said Surabhi, who had no idea about the Radia tapes as she watched only prime-time television news shows for her intake of current affairs.

“Now that there are elements of crime and entertainment to it, would they show the news now?” she wondered.

All attempts to contact Harry Potter by Faking News had failed by the time this report was filed. Harry had not even tweeted or updated his blog till reports last came in.