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New TV channel 'Taimur Now' launched to keep track of all the Taimur related news

08, Feb 2018 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai: Taimur Ali Khan has been the biggest news maker of the past year and to keep up with all the Taimur related news, a Mumbai based media house has launched an exclusive Taimur channel, ‘Taimur Now’. The channel will cover all aspects of Taimur’s life with debates over important issues like his toys and his diapers every evening from 8 PM to 11 PM.

Prepare for more such exclusives

Taimur has left all politicians, cricketers and celebrities behind when it comes to creating big news stories for the media houses and existing channels just couldn’t keep up with him. Therefore, the media house has decided to launch this Taimur exclusive channel. This will help their regular channels to focus on smaller stories like the country’s budget and the Parliament session.

Confirming the news, the Managing Director of the media house said ,”Well yes, the work for the new channel has already begun and we are hoping to go live by 1st of April. You see, even after reporting 25 stories a day on Taimur, there is so much content we are missing out on. For example, we are doing only 1 Taimur diaper story a day while he is using so many diapers every day. We can’t keep neglecting these important stories and have to cover all of them. This new channel will help us focus and cover all important stories related to him.”

Meanwhile, the media house is also trying to get Taimur to agree to write a daily column in the leading newspaper of the country run by them.