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New TV serial announced on demonetisation - to run for 50 weeks

24, Dec 2016 By RT

Mumbai. A new TV serial was announced last Monday and the promotions started the same day for the 30 minutes family drama running on all week days. The new serial is based on burning current affairs and will run in the prime time slot, the head of programming from the channel told Faking News.


“We don’t want to give much information out. But, for promotional reasons, would like to inform that the serial is about  demonetization. The first shot shows a guy waiting in an ATM queue. The serial moves at the same pace as that of the queue and the guy in a queue episode runs for a week’s time. But don’t worry. A lot happens in the first week,” he said.

“The guy makes a girlfriend and breaks up midway into the queue. He falls for another girl in the next day’s telecast and unfortunately forced to break up again due to the non availability of cash in the ATM. The girl simply couldn’t take the fact that there was no cash after an hour’s wait and ready to hit anything in her sight. The relationship broke right then and there along with his nose and a couple of his cheek bones,” the channel head almost revealed the complete first week’s plot to our reporter.

“We have enough material to run for 50 weeks. Whenever we run short of ideas, RBI introduces new rules and regulations to make our job easier. The entire screen play is written so flexible to change to match the creativity of RBI on a daily basis. The ruling party also provides comical content from time to time to add more hilarity,” he further added.

When Faking News reporter asked how a serial on demonetization can be a family  drama, the channel head simply said “Wait and see!”, which sounded almost like the ruling party’s reply for any question on demonetization.