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Newbie in Mumbai already fed up of the rains

29, Jun 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai: 27 yrs old Amit Kumar, who recently moved to Mumbai is already fed up of the rainy season and is desperate for the return of high temperatures. Amit moved to Mumbai in May and was very excited about the rainy season as he hoped it will end the miserable heat and humidity he was experiencing earlier.

Mumbai’s default screensaver for next 3 months

“I was waiting desperately for the rainy season like everyone else. I had heard so much about the Mumbai rains and I really wanted to experience them. I even welcomed the rains, I really did. I danced outside for full 5 minutes, kept my hand outside the window of the taxi like Wake Up Sid scene, updated my FB status with ‘PETRICHOR’ and all that. Kahan ka petrichor, now only stinking garbage smell comes from the earth. I also realized that this rain doesn’t stop at all, does it? Its been a week and I haven’t seen the sun, I have only seen rain falling with varying intensity. How can one live in such a place?” Amit asked.

“I am going to office carrying my shoes in one hand, umbrella in the other; there is no spare hand to carry my lunch. Have to eat that crappy canteen food in the office. I can’t step out of the office to have a smoke; my productivity is going down because of that. I don’t want all this rain bhai, return me my hot and sweaty days”, Amit pleaded.

Amit has moved recently from Bikaner to Mumbai and is not used to so much continuous rain. He is planning to take a month off and return to work in August when there is some drop in the amount of rainfall.

Meanwhile, Amit’s colleagues have tried to cheer him up by telling him that this is only a trailer, the real Monsoon movie is yet to begin.