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News media forgets to write victim's caste, victim files FIR

16, Jul 2017 By Guest Patrakar
New Delhi: A man accused of applying dog filter on his selfie was beaten by a mob in Vasant Kunj, New Delhi. Allegedly mob was a group of dog lovers. Police has filed a complaint against the man for using dog filter and hurting the sentiments of a certain section of the society.
On Saturday, Sanjay (name changed) came in support of a comedian group and applied dog filter on his selfie to show the tolerance he has. Sanjay tweeted the picture and was applauded by many. One of his users threaten him and asked him to remove the picture immediately. Sanjay ignored him, but unfortunately Sanjay’s location was on when he tweeted the picture. Later in the evening Sanjay was beaten by a mob which was led by the person who threatened him.
Almost every media house covered the news and on Sunday it became the headline. None of the media house mentioned Sanjay’s religion and caste while reporting the incident. Shocked with this behaviour of media, Sanjay filed a police complaint against them. Police then lodged an FIR against 14 news media houses.
Faking News reporter spoke to a journalist of NTDV Vikram, Vikram said “there’s no protocol for mentioning the Caste or religion of the victim or accused, we do it on our will” Vikram further added, “one must read the news as it is, if the caste is not mentioned that clearly means that is not important for the reader and for the media houses too”.
While it has almost become a rule to mention victim’s caste, but there’s no written rule on this. So what’s the need? Is media houses trying to polarize people? It’s time we awaken our conscience and demand more informative news. Meanwhile keep reading Faking News.