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NGT Issues Show Cause Notice to Lord Krishna for harming biodiversity in Yamuna River

14, Mar 2016 By Nirwa Mehta

New Delhi: In a move that has surprised believers and non-believers alike, the Notional Green Tribunal (NGT) has sent a show cause notice to Lord Krishna for harming the biodiversity in Yamuna River.

Yamuna river at Vrindavan that NGT wants to save

Lord Krishna, who, according to Hindu mythology, existed during the Dwaparyug (the time before the current Kaliyug – the age of Kali) has been asked  why a fine should not be charged from Him for playing ball on the banks of river Yamuna during his childhood and eventually driving out the Kaliya Naag.

A high ranking officer in the NGT, on condition of anonymity, said, “It was on the riverbed of Yamuna at Vrindavan that Lord Krishna played ball and deliberately threw the ball in the river Yamuna, which was bubbling with venom of Kaliya Naag. He even danced on the head of the snake and drew him out of Yamuna! It is because of Him that there is lack of biodiversity in the river.”

Defenders of Lord Krishna have pleaded that Lord Krishna did that only because Kaliya Naag was poisoning the entire water of Yamuna and Lord Krishna had to remove him to ensure clean drinking water supply to Vrindavan residents. However, NGT has dismissed this claim saying that if millions of Indians can survive today without clean drinking water then what was the problem in Dwapar Yug.

The NGT official also said, “First of all, the setting up a playground near a river is forbidden. That attracts penalty under section 12 (3) of Notional Environment Act, 2014. Then he goes ahead and drives away a snake from the river. This has caused a serious lack of biodiversity in the river. Someone has to be held accountable for all this.”

Lord Krishna isn’t the first God in legal trouble this year. A case was earlier registered against Lord Rama but was later dismissed by the court. Lord Hanuman was even summoned by a District Magistrate but that turned out to be a clerical mistake.

Lord Krishna is also praying that this was a clerical mistake and NGT meant to sent some notice to his namesake Kanhaiya who is in all sorts of legal trouble these days.