Nirav Modi asks for loan from PNB to donate to the PM-Cares fund

01, Apr 2020 By Santosh Pradhan

Jeweler and designer Nirav Modi who is on the run after taking a big loan from PNB has again asked for a loan.


Though his intentions are very genuine and humanitarian. Nirav wants to donate in the PM –Cares fund for the benefit of migrant workers and also against the fight with Corona. The government is really impressed with Nirav Modi’s decision to donate and wants the bank to help him at any cost.

Nirav Modi is currently in the United Kingdom and is seeking political asylum in Britain but there are chances that he may be invited to India and given a grand reception. People like Nirav are rare in this world. Even though they are in such difficulty, they never fail to think about the country and countrymen.

During the difficult times, it is people like Nirav who come forward and show us the path. Even the PNB senior management has released statements appreciating Nirav’s gesture and promising him that he will be given a loan without any collaterals. The amount of donation is not yet revealed but given his past record, Nirav will not likely take a small loan.