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Nirmala Sitharaman proves economy is doing well by buying 2 packets of Parle-G

26, Aug 2019 By Sandeep Kadian

During the past few days, a lot of criticism has been directed towards Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman for the poor state of the economy.


Honourable Finance Minister tried to counter some of that by announcing several new measures, which were basically withdrawal of their own earlier measures.

However, several people were still criticizing the Minister for the slowdown in the economy so she decided to prove everyone wrong.

Ms Sitharaman went to a grocery shop and bought 2 full packets of Parle-G in a stunning move that has stumped all her detractors. Drop in the sales of Parle-G was cited as an example of slowing economy but with this move, Ms Sitharaman has taken away the entire platform of her opponents.

Speaking to Faking News, a senior official from the Finance Ministry said, “When even government servants with their meager salaries are buying 2-2 packets of Parle-G then where is the slowdown? Our opponents were trying to spread fake news that Parle-G biscuits are not selling but that has been proven conclusively wrong by the purchase of these 2 packets.”

“This will also boost the quarterly sales figures of Parle and they won’t be laying off any employees now either. The money that has now entered the system through this transaction will kick-start the growth in other sectors as well and we are hopeful of achieving a record growth rate in this quarter thanks to this”, the official added hopefully.

When asked what happened to the biscuits, the official said, “Finance Minister has formed a 12 member task force to decide how the 2 packets of biscuits should be best utilized. Whether we should have them with evening tea or morning tea, these are some of the tough questions facing the task force. They have been asked to submit their recommendations within 30 days.”

Meanwhile, Parle has called a meeting of all stakeholders to decide what to do with this revenue that has come in thanks to their biggest sale of the year.