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Nitin Gadkari’s driver joins Vijay Mallya’s F1 team as driver

27, Oct 2012 By yesvinay

Greater Noida. In a shocking and surprising move, billionaire-turned-millionaire Mr. Vijay Mallya has appointed businessman-turned-politician Nitin Gadkari’s former driver Manohar Panse as the main race driver for his F1 team Sahara Force India. Manohar Panse will be replacing Nico Hulkenberg.

“Nico Hulkenberg, today morning demanded payment of his last 3 months’ salary and threatened not to race tomorrow if not paid by midnight. I was damn sure that I cannot afford to pay his salary,” Mallya explained why he changed his F1 driver.

“I read in the newspapers about Gadkari’s driver being appointed as a director in companies. I was shocked to see a driver becoming a director at such a fast pace. And F1 is all about racing fast. I immediately rang up Mr. Panse and offered him a 1 year contract without any salary,” the King of Good/Bad Times added.

F1 Car
Gadkari’s driver will be driving a new car now

“Mr. Panse was kind enough to accept my offer,” Mallya revealed, as rest of the world wondered how could someone be even more generous than existing Kingfisher employees and agree to work without a salary for a year.

The road-turned-F1-driver Manohar Panse, who is being scouted by all media channels for an interview regarding the Gadkari issue, finally agreed to talk to Faking News.

“I was very scared after my name was all over the media. I feared for my life and career. I thought that at least by becoming an F1 driver, I can move out of India and keep touring all other F1 circuits instead of getting chased like dogs by the investigation agencies and media. I have been advised by my doctor not to risk a heart attack by facing Arnab Goswami on the News Hour debate,” Mr. Panse explained why he agreed to work for Mallya even without a salary.

“And who expects a salary from Mallya anyway?” he added.

Meanwhile the whole issue has become political with Digvijaya Singh terming Vijay Mallya as an RSS agent who ensured that the driver, who could have testified against Gadkari, moved out of India.

Nitin Gadkari as usual was unavailable for comment, while RSS has termed the matter as internal matter of Dr. Vijay Mallya.

On the other hand, striking Kingfisher Airlines employees have appointed Nico Hulkenberg as their leader with immediate effect.