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No bride left her wedding midway to cast her vote yesterday in Mumbai, Election Commission to investigate anomaly

30, Apr 2019 By @jurnoleast

Voting concluded in Mumbai yesterday with the voting percentage managing to cross the 50% mark. However much to the dismay of the Election Commission no bride or groom left their wedding to cast their vote.

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According to reports, around 75 weddings took place in the city yesterday and none of them saw the couple giving priority to voting before exchanging wedding vows. “This is clearly a deviation of what we have seen in other parts of the country. We are taking this issue seriously and a team will be investigating the cause of this anomaly,” said a senior EC official.

Long queues were seen in Mumbai yesterday but media cameras failed to spot any bride standing in line and waiting for her turn. “I covered the length and breadth of the city but failed to find any wedding couple in the queue. Finally I had to report on how Taimur spent his time at the polling booth with his mom,” said a reporter of a leading news daily.

Sources say that the voting in 2014 was better than what was witnessed this year. In the previous Lok Sabha elections around 3 brides and 5 grooms left from the wedding mandap while the ceremony was going on to exercise their franchise.

“Not just that, there was also a case where a honeymooning couple left their love making session midway to cast their vote. But that was 5 years back. Even the lure of having their pictures going viral on social media doesn’t seem to be working,” revealed the source.

Election Commission is now taking every precaution that such scenes are not repeated in the next phase. Couples would be ferried from the wedding venue to polling booth and back free of charge.

“Booths too would be open beyond 5pm to facilitate any bride or groom to reach the booth,” remarked a poll officer.