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No charge for the 'free' foam wash from Bengaluru lake, enough foams to last a decade: BBMP

21, Apr 2017 By dasu

Bengaluru: Good times are back again for residents staying near Bellandur lake. The lake is frothing again big time and the residents who are struggling due to water scarcity in this summer are happy to see their vehicles getting natural foam wash while on the move.


Residents were worried cash starved BBMP might declare foams in the water bodies around the city as natural resources and charge them depending on one’s usage. However, BBMP was quick to clear such apprehensions, saying it will not charge for the same.

“These foams are due to the efforts put up by households, apartments, industries by allowing untreated sewerage water in to lakes. With little rain, the froth overflows in to the roads. Natural air taking them over in giving a proper wash to the vehicles on the move. Zero cost for us, everything happens so naturally,” said a BBMP official without revealing his identity.

“As such the inflow to these lakes is still so good, we do not see any risk of running out of foams at least for next decade or so,” said the BBMP official.

While speaking to us retired government official Mr. P. N. Murthy who is staying near to the bellandur lake, said, “My landlord has asked me to manage everything with just 4 buckets of water per day. For a family of four, for bathing, cleaning only this is not sufficient, how could we wash our car?”

“Taking advantage of my situation, these college lovers will leave their messages on windshield, glass windows using their fingers. Now after couple of foam ‘washes’ from the lake, the smell is such, no one is coming near my car,” said Mr. Murthy.

With reports coming in, a UK firm has come forward to help in clearing the foams from the lakes. College going students and young crowd from the nearby residential blocks are upset. “Where we would get such nice backdrops to take photos and selfies. One of our friend was checking with us where did we go this summer, such lovely snow fall,” said Ajay and Sarita who are planning to oppose the move. They are busy in gathering support through #savebellandurfoams initiative.