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No Congress leader ready to speak on Karnataka crisis, say 'We may have to join BJP later so not right to comment now' 

16, Jul 2019 By @jurnoleast

The Karnataka MLA drama seems to be getting new twists with each passing day. But surprisingly no Congress leader seems to in the mood to say anything.

No just Karnataka, the defection epidemic seems to have spread to Goa and will probably affect other Congress ruled states too in near future. Taking cognizance of the changing dynamics of Indian politics, many Congress leaders are refusing to comment on the current crisis.

Many feel that they may have to join BJP later and any comment made in zest could end up being used against them in future. “I am very careful about making any random comments on what is going on in Karnataka currently. Though I am loyal to my party, I have full faith in Amit Shah. Who knows tomorrow I might end up in BJP. And then the media would question me over my comments. So better to keep mouth shut now,” said a Senior Congress leader under condition of anonymity.

A few other leaders from the JDS-Congress coalition say they are having sleepless nights over joining the BJP. Some even say that BJP is resorting to ‘kaala jadu’ and trying every trick in the book to break the coalition in the state.

Local media from the state even took an MLA hostage in an effort to extract a statement out of him. But were left empty handed. “There is an atmosphere of fear perpetuated by the BJP. It seems every leader has resigned to the fact that joining BJP is inevitable,” said the editor of a local newspaper.

Meanwhile in yet another case of suspected defection, Rahul Gandhi’s pet Pidi has resigned from his post of Official Pet of the Congress Party. His resignation has not been accepted by the party yet and it is not clear if he too would be joining the BJP.