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Update: No, you don’t have to sell your Kidney to pay your Ola Outstation bill!

07, Sep 2016 By Ad-min

Ola’s customer care executives are keeping busy attending 10 times the usual number of calls after few customers received bills to the tunes of 9L for a 450km ride.

No Ola Cabs available thanks to the overwhelming demand
No Ola Cabs available thanks to the overwhelming demand

A source close to the company said that these calls were from customers who were not ‘lucky enough’ to get the inflated bills.

Apparently, Ola is refunding its customers the entire amount billed for, if the bill is found to be incorrect.

Sources close to the company say that the move was in line with its mission of building mobility for a billion Indians. “Well, we are not sure about that, but, there’s chance to win billions if you get lucky,” said the source.

This move came right after a customer in Hyderabad received a bill for Rs. 9 lakh on traveling barely 150kms and yet another in Mumbai, who traveled next door to Pune, only to be billed for Rs. 83,000.

While in both cases, Ola corrected the bill immediately and re-calculated actual amount payable. However, customers and social media went into a tizzy after Ola said that customers if they are billed incorrectly will be paid the erroneous amount billed as a special gesture.

Ola’s outstation category showed a ‘no cabs’ available sign- we assume, as a result of the immense demand.

Many travel bloggers are now planning their long dreamt of, Kashmir to Kanyakumari trips, dreaming of earning some big bucks through this offer pretty much the same way IIT Bombay students took bath a record 24 times a day to see if their soap had a lucky gold coin in it.

On being asked if they are indeed considering paying customers for every ride, they responded cheekily saying, “We welcome the humor in good taste. We have taken cognizance of this billing issue on certain outstation rides and have already deployed a fix to solve for this. We regret the inconvenience caused to these customers and have taken care to ensure that they have paid nothing beyond the accurate bill that was recalculated.”

Ola takes our sarcasm sportingly
Ola takes our sarcasm sportingly