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No EarPods this time around, Apple will replace your ears with silicon clones for superior audio quality

12, Sep 2018 By @jurnoleast

As always Apple has raised the technology bar this time around too after announcing that it will do away with EarPods and instead replace users ears with silicon clones for better audio.

Sources say that Apple engineers have been working on the project for a year now and it will do away the need to use a headphone or earphone ever. The company has named silicon clones as iKaan and plans to ship them with every Apple iPhone XS.

An Apple spokesperson while speaking on the sidelines of the event said, “The response to EarPod was overwhelming and that prompted us to deliver something beyond the users imagination. So we thought about these ears which when implanted will replace earphones forever.”

When questioned about the thought process behind naming the spokesperson answered, “The word Kaan means ear in Hindi. Since many of the engineers working on the project were Indians, that how the name came about.”

While speaking at the Apple event, Tim Cook too revealed how he liked the name iKaan. “It has an optimistic ring to it,” he said.

“Users can get their iKaan fitted free of cost at our Apple store. The device uses wireless technology to connect to the iPhone and it has been designed to maximize sound output and minimize sound loss. Giving the user superior sound quality,” he added.

Tech analyst said that Apple’s latest move could change how technology interacts with human anatomy.

Markets reacted strongly with to the event and shares of the company rose 30% in early trading on NASDAQ.

The optimism however was not shared by buyers. Many were not in favor of getting their ears replaced and preferred to settle with the earphone instead.