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If there had been no EVM issues, we could have won one or two seats more: Congress

24, May 2019 By dasu

New Delhi: There are some youth congress leaders who are celebrating Rahul Gandhi’s probable debut half century (while going to press this was not confirmed) as congress president, but there are a section who feels they could have done much better had these EVM issues would not have come on their way.


“A fifteen percent hike in number of seats in just five years is a spectacular performance. But yeh dil mange more. I feel like we were robbed of at least two seats because of EVM mahasaya”, said a youth congress activist who was checking with a Delhi transport agent if he can arrange a 50-seater seat for newly elected congress MPs first meeting in 2 days’ time.

“I was working in IT sector before quitting my job to join Rahul Gandhi’s team. As you know, in last twenty-five years in spite of so much protest by IT freshers union, they have not got fifteen percent hike in their joining salary,” added the youth congress activist who wanted to remain anonymous. “Here Rahul ji gave us the hike and momentum in just one election”.

“I do not know what has happened to our paid media, they are celebrating NDA’s reduced strength and BJP’s mere 5 percent increase in seats. Left and right they are taking Rahul ji to task. Do they have any sense? Arnub, Navalika etc are ok, we did not expect much from them. Raghudeep, Srinihasan, Parkha? woh toh aapne log the. Lagta hai Modi wave is brainwashing everyone”, said another congress leader.

Meanwhile in earnest preparation for 2024 election, Rahul Gandhi has asked for an appointment with EC officials to tackle EVM issues in next two days.