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There are no flooded roads in Mumbai, it is an optical illusion: BMC

09, Jul 2018 By Santosh Pradhan

Mumbai: It is Monsoon season in Mumbai and just like every year, it means flooded roads. However, BMC officials have totally refused to accept that there are any flooded roads in the city and have claimed that the city is functioning smoothly as usual. BMC has claimed that the water visible on the roads is just a mirage and in reality, every road is bone dry.


“Where is the water, I challenge you to show me”, a BMC official asked media while swimming through waist high water, “You should have read Physics in the school. This is a mirage created by the bending of light rays which are creating a false image. You should not blame BMC in your news reports for your poor understanding of Physics.”

When pointed out that everyone present including the BMC official is wet, he said,” This is not water, this is our sweat due to the high heat. That is why mirage is created na, because it is so hot. Again, your poor understanding of naturally occurring phenomenon is perplexing.”

When we pointed to the sky and showed him the clouds and the falling water droplets, he asked us to go for an eyesight test at the nearest government hospital and swam away.

Away from the mirages visible to BMC, the city that never sleeps kept on sleeping through the day as it was simply impossible for most of the residents to step out of their houses due to the flooding outside.

Mumbai Police has now requested the government to provide them hovercrafts instead of police jeeps to help them deal with such days which are becoming more and more frequent.

Meanwhile, as per inside sources, BMC Chairman has approached Arvind Kejriwal seeking advice on whom to blame for the chaos in the city instead of taking responsibility.